A new year is here, and it's time for that annual post. A lot happened in 2014 for me, and I suspect this year will be equally busy. I'll take a quick look back at my 2014 goals for the blog, and touch on whats to come.

My 2014

In my last goal setting post I said I'd: publish (at least) one post per month, step outside the comfort zone, and leave no strings attached.

One Post Per Month ... Sorta?

I did really good with this one at first, but then fell a part in the middle of the year. What happened? A lot! Last year my wife and I finished building and moving into our first house, we welcomed our beautiful daughter and first new member of our family to the world, I rebuilt the pixeldonor blog in Go on Heroku, and I switched jobs! All things considered, I think I did pretty well.

Step Outside the Comfort Zone ... or Say Hello To Java

Around the start of last year I was spending more time with Java, namely because I had some interest in Android. In the end, native development just couldn't hold my attention like the web. It's not to say Java doesn't have some great tooling in this arena, its just tough to one-up the web tools I already know and love.

No Strings Attached

The content I post here is–and always will be–with no strings attached!

What 2015 Has In Store

My goals aren't really changing much this year, but their direction will be a tad different.

One Post Per Month ... For Real!

I learned pretty quickly last year that blogging is a very time consuming activity. The hard part isn't finding subject matter, but finding subject matter that you can execute on in your spare time in a given time frame. This year, I hope to to beat last year's blogging streak at the very least, and also focus on smaller topics that might (fingers crossed) even allow me to squeeze out a few posts some months.

Step Outside the Comfort Zone ... Go Go Go!

Tooling-wise, this year you can expect to see a lot more Go. I spend a lot of time working with dynamic languages, and I've long been in search of a static language that I can be equally productive in. That search is over! Also on the agenda is some heavier client side material along with more Python.

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